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pola :: higher than

                                                                    A love beyond love
                                                                    higher than the ritual of bonding
                                                                    beyond the sinister game
                                                                    of solitude and company

                                                                    A love that need not return
                                                                    or leave
                                                                    A love free of the hectict
                                                                    come and go
                                                                    awake or asleep
                                                                    called for or silenced

                                                                    A love to be together
                                                                    or not
                                                                    and for all other intermediate states

                                                                    A love that would be like opening our eyes
                                                                    or closing them.

                                                                    Roberto Juarroz
                                                                    Vertical Poetry 1980

3 commentaires:

FreZ a dit…

Tu travailles la feuille d'or maintenant ?
(c'est beau, ça)

flukux a dit…

oh ! ben mille merci :)

BT a dit…

Chouette! Moi aussi j'ai eu trois ans. Passe de belles fêtes lapinus !

Qui ? Quoi ??

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